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5 Ways Hiring a Business Coach Will Transform Your Business

5 Ways Hiring a Business Coach Will Transform Your Business

5 Ways a Business Coach Will Transform Your Business

All business owners have one thing in common — we want to be successful.

After years of working as a graphic designer in various cities on Vancouver Island, BC, I was restless and decided to rebrand my freelance side-hustle into something more professional.

So after just a few months of planning, I launched my new brand strategy and design business in July 2018.

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Ok, I Launched. Now What?

Shortly after launching my new business, I knew that I needed help finding my dream clients so I started exploring the idea of investing in some professional help to grow my business. I mulled around the idea of working with a marketing consultant before I read about business coaches.


Business . . . Coach? What’s That?

Being relatively new to the business world, I didn’t even know what a business coach was. I heard the term used lots but I didn’t actually know how they could help. Honestly, the whole idea of a business coach seemed hoaky and contrived.

But something kept drawing me back to the idea of a business coach. Once I started researching Facebook groups and testimonials, I was very interested in finding the right one for my business.

My Experience With Hiring a Business Coach

When I talked to my business coach (Marjolaine at Yoga With Bow) I was in desperation.

I was broke, exhausted and confused on how to continue in my business in a profitable way. My business was only a few weeks old and although I had years of experience, I could feel the financial pressure.

My maternity leave was almost up. I had to get the income rolling in — and fast.

I scraped together all the money I could afford and embarked on my journey to find the right business coach. When I connected with Marjolaine after a short 20-minute phone call, I knew she was the coach for me.

Comment below and tell me: what has been your best business investment?


Tips on Choosing a Business Coach

Marjolaine had a no-nonsense approach that kept me on track during our 20-minute phone call. I tend to go on mini-tangents but Marjolaine would quickly redirect me to the subject at hand. She gave me actionable advice on how to make my branding more clear which I implemented right after our call.

I spoke to other coaches that had more experience but I didn’t receive any value from them during our call. I got to know them and their incredible stories — but I didn’t have that aha moment.

When choosing your coach, I recommend finding someone that can give you actionable steps right away. It’s important that you find value every time you speak with them.


I Filled My Calendar Completely

In just 3 months of working together, I’ve gone from having one client to being completely booked for a month in advance.

But that’s not all we worked on. Marjolaine worked with me to discover my inner-confidence, shift my mindset, and fine-tune my sales pitches.

After having such an incredible experience working with a business coach, I find myself sharing my story with everyone I meet.

I believe that every entrepreneur should work with a business coach to progress in a profitable way, but many people (like me) don’t understand how a coach could help them. 

Comment below and tell me: what has been your best business investment?

To help you understand, I have laid out all the ways that Marjolaine has drastically improved my business.

Here are the 5 ways a business coach will transform and up-level your business:

01. Create Business Goals and Find Clarity

We spent time writing down and discovering my greatest goals for the future. Once I knew my long-term goals, we figured out my short-term goals — for example, where I want to be 6 months from the first phone call.

I knew that I wanted to be making enough money to sustain my family and save money for an amazing adventure. My ultimate goal, though, was to buy our dream home with a large property.

02. Discover Your Niche Market and Brand Purpose

Although I am a brand strategist, finding your brand purpose and niche is one of those things that is hard to do for yourself.

I had a plan written out and an idea of what I wanted my business to be, but the truth is it was falling flat.

Marjolaine helped me realize that I want to work with soulful, sustainable and ethical businesses — not just creative entrepreneurs.

It’s so easy for business owners to be afraid to niche down in fear of scaring away potential clients, but honestly, we don’t want to work with everyone. We want to work with our dream clients — with our soul-sisters.

We want to work with the people that light the fire in our hearts.

03. Develop Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is something that I’ve always struggled with.

I was an awkward kid growing up and I never saw my worth until the last few years. I hopped from one bad relationship to another and although I knew I was capable of great things, I didn’t believe that I deserved it.

The last few years have been huge for my growth and self-development. After talking with my business coach for just a few sessions, I was finally able to break free from those chains that held my confidence captive.

I began to see my self-worth and realized that I can achieve any goal that I set my mind to.

Having a knowledgeable professional look into your business from an outside point of view can really help you find clarity. 

Once I allowed myself to feel confident, we began working on sales calls and ways to talk to clients. After just a few weeks of this, I booked 2 clients back to back.

Side note: I’ll admit to you right now . . . sales calls are NOT my thing.

In fact, I still stutter whenever my coach catches me off guard and asks me to pitch myself. I am not a natural seller, but her impromptu exercises have inspired my inner salesperson.

4. Grow Your Brand Awareness

Once we worked on ending my limiting beliefs, building my self-confidence and discovering my brand purpose, we started strategizing ways that I can grow my brand awareness and close sales.

She gave me some great ideas to pursue, and guess what happened?

. . . I signed four new clients this month — which brings me at full capacity.

By hiring a business coach, you will be guided through ways to grow your brand awareness like posting in Facebook groups, networking with your local businesses, and developing promotions that your ideal clients are sure to be interested in.

05. Understand the Next Steps to Take

After you’ve achieved all of your short-term goals, it’s easy to sit back and feel like you can slow down.

Although days off are allowed and SHOULD absolutely happen, we can’t forget to continue moving forward. We don’t want to lose momentum and watch all of the work we’ve done on our confidence come crashing down.

A business coach will keep you accountable and show you how to proceed in your business so you don’t burn out and lose that precious momentum.

Do You Know What Steps To Take Next?

If you are feeling lost in your business and you’re not sure how to grow to the next step, it’s probably time to hire a professional.

Having a business coach is like having a therapist — but better. Instead of working on fixing past trauma, they are guiding you to making the best decisions now and in the future that will positively affect your business.

If you’re work-obsessed like me, those business decisions will give you purpose and make you feel accomplished in your life.


What Has Your Best Business Investment Been So Far?

I can proudly say that a business coach has been the best investment in my business so far. I would love to know what your best investment has been.

Drop a comment below and tell me!

What has been your best investment? What did you learn?


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