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Full disclosure: This post is my honest review and experience of working with Interact to create a quiz. This blog post contains affiliate links. If you do decide to try Interact and you click on one of the links provided below, I will receive a small commission on your purchase. 

If you decide to create a quiz, comment below and tell me how you felt about the process!

5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Quiz For Your Business

(& An Explanation On How To Do It)


We’ve all seen ‘em: the Facebook quizzes, the Instagram quizzes, the Buzzfeed quizzes.

It reminds me of when I was a pre-teen, taking a quiz in Cosmo and Tiger Beat magazine (kids these days will never know, amirite?) wishing so hard that my crush really did “like-like” me.

After my Tiger Beat phase, my love of quizzes grew when I started taking in-depth personality tests to figure out what type of person I was. I loved learning about myself from what seemed to be an outside point of view.

Turns out I’m not the only one that loved taking these tests — there are actually psychological reasons that back-up our deep desire to take quizzes. You can learn about that here.

But all of that aside, how many of us know how valuable these quizzes can be for marketing our business?

As I’m sure you’ve seen, the internet is exploding with the popularity of quizzes used for content marketing and lead magnets, and I want to tell you first hand how easy it was to set up.

Quizzes are an incredibly valuable marketing tool for your business and you should definitely be utilizing them.

If you want to check out my quiz and find your brand personality type, click here!

Here are 5 reasons you should make a quiz for your business right now:

01) You’ll grow your email list. Quickly.

By having a quiz, you are encouraging people to opt-in to your newsletter list because they want to see their answers and have content tailored to their quiz result.

02) You’ll position yourself as an expert.

Because you will likely be creating a quiz based off information that you already know, you will be positioning yourself in your audience’s mind as an expert. If you market your quiz just right, people will be impressed at how much you know and how much you can tell them about themselves.

03) You’ll have a wider reach and share potential.

As content marketers, I’m sure you know that creating shareable content is key — but it is also incredibly hard. According to Interact, 10% of people who take quizzes share their results on their social media channels!

04) Market research is much, much easier.

You will learn about your audience by offering them an interesting quiz to take. We all know that market research can be difficult to conduct sometimes. With a quiz, you can gather important data about the quiz-takers and use it to understand your target market better.

05) It’s a great conversation starter.

Quizzes are an incredible way to start a conversation with your audience. Like we mentioned in number three, people are likely to share their quiz results on social media. If you can ask engaging questions and encourage people to have a conversation about their results, you can increase your engagement which means you’ll show up more on people’s newsfeeds.

Have you read enough already? Start your quiz now by clicking here.



My Quiz Making Process

Truthfully, the most challenging part of creating the Interact quiz was brainstorming an idea that I felt was worthy enough for my audience. I tend to set unrealistic expectations for myself and always want to be perfect from the beginning.

See, I didn’t want to just create any old quiz and waste my audience’s time. But I know from my journey as an entrepreneur (and from my business coach) that this is a mental block that is only preventing me from getting the work done.

Once I got over that mental block, I went to Interact and began by creating a few different quizzes just to test the waters and see what it was like.

To help me narrow down my thoughts, I decided to do some brainstorming first and figure out what my audience is really looking for. I looked back at previous conversations between me and my clients and looked at commonly asked questions in Facebook groups that I am a part of.

I found that many entrepreneurs are wondering how they can achieve a cohesive brand throughout social media, their website and in-person.

What better way to help them than to create a quiz? It felt like the perfect opportunity so I just jumped right in.

I started by opening a Google doc and by drafting the results of the quiz first. I created four personas of the types of business owners that would probably be taking my quiz.

I also researched a few notable clients to see what their brand personalities were like and where they would fit into the quiz. Like I said, I really wanted my quiz to be authentic.

A few audience personas came to mind right away:

  • Soulful and passionate businesses (these are usually the instagram influencers, the life coaches, the wellness people, the yogis)
  • Funny and entertaining businesses (these are the YouTube sensations, the charismatic photographer who loves taking hilarious photos)
  • Luxury and high-end (these are the fashionistas and hair stylist clients that are so well put-together, they make me feel like a hobo)
  • And finally: thoughtful, calculated and intelligent (these are the accountants, self-proclaimed obsessive and detail oriented people)

Once I had these results written down, I continued to create my quiz with the purpose in mind to help my audience. I really wanted it to be worth their time, and I wanted them to feel like they received a lot of valuable information for free.


The Personality Quiz Template

Interact has tons of awesome templates that you can choose from to make designing a quiz super easy.

I ended up creating a quiz from scratch because I wanted to go through the entire process so that I understood how to use Interact properly.


As you can see, you can choose three different types of quizzes:

  1. Assessment
  2. Personality
  3. Scored

There are also many ways to brand your quiz — which makes the brand designer in me very excited *claps*.

I may be a little bias by saying this, but it is extremely important to brand your quiz to your business, making sure to  use the same fonts and colours throughout; you don’t want your audience to feel like they are just taking some random and generic quiz.

You want them to know that they are receiving something of value from you. You want them to realize the quiz was created with love!

Anyway, the quiz type that I used was a personality quiz — it was so easy to do!

For a detailed tutorial on how to design your own personality quiz, check out this blog post.

Images That I Used

I knew that I really wanted my quiz to have beautiful imagery so I chose photos that resonate closely with my brand. For my Instagram account, I use images that are pink, black, sometimes blue, and have a certain filter over them. I decided to choose images that convey this moody look.

I searched on Unsplash, Pixabay, and Kaboompics for my photos. As soon as I saw the picture above, I knew I had to have it for my quiz.

Ready to go? Start your quiz now.

My Questions & Answers

Next, came the question and answers part of the quiz creation.

Choosing my questions and answers was probably the most difficult part of creating my quiz, but once I spent time developing the four types of quiz-takers in my mind, it was much easier.

If you are stuck for questions, check out these ideas.

Like I mentioned above, I spent time creating personas for the audience that I am directing the quiz toward.

To do this, I asked myself what types of people are likely to take the quiz and I spent some time writing about who those people probably are. Once I knew who the results were, I knew what questions to ask them. I thought about the questions that I usually ask during a brand discovery — questions that would help me find someone’s brand personality in real life.

Below are the four results / quiz-taker personas that I mentioned before. These are very important in your quiz creation because they will set the foundation for your quiz! Make sure you spend time thinking about what the results are going to be.


Email Marketing Integration

Another incredible feature of Interact is the ability to integrate it with your email list.

For the sake of simplicity, I didn’t set up an integration with Mailchimp (yet) because I am waiting to create a longer campaign. I wanted this quiz to be super simple for my audience to try out but I can’t wait to make a more in-depth quiz that will send my audience their results.

This is a great way to nurture your lead and convert them. You can find more details on how to integrate it with email marketing at this blog post.


After creating a quiz, researching, and speaking with some representatives at Interact, I can honestly tell you that I am very impressed. Their entire company has the best customer service I have encountered, and the quiz creation process was a breeze.

I can already tell that this is going to be a well-used tool in my business.

Questions? I’d be happy to answer them!

Comment and tell me — what are your favourite quizzes to take?!

Full disclosure: This post is my honest review and experience of working with Interact to create a quiz. This blog post contains affiliate links. If you do decide to try Interact and you click on one of the links provided above, I will receive a small commission on your purchase. 

If you decide to create a quiz, comment below and tell me how you felt about the process!


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