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The holiday season is creeping up, and each year it feels as though it comes a little quicker.

As I’m sure you know, Cultura’s mission is to better the world in any way that we can. This is why we have chosen to work exclusively with ethical and visionary businesses.

We know that the holiday season can sometimes weigh heavy on our chests when we are pressured to buy gifts, waste food, or take part in other unsustainable and exploitive activities.

This year, we wanted to do something different, and we want to inspire you to be different, too.


This year, we’ve decided to shop ethically and sustainably whenever we can. We can’t promise that everything we do will be sustainable because we are only human, but we will do our best to spend our pennies with conscientious businesses and brands.

The thing is, we know that shopping ethically isn’t easy.

To help solve this problem, we sourced only the best gifts from a carefully-selected group of vendors that are sustainable, ethical or fair-trade. There are even exclusive coupons and promotions included in the gift guide just for the Cultura community!

We truly believe that we can all make a difference, especially if we act as one united front. This year, let’s all do our part to reduce waste and plastic and use our purchasing power to make this Christmas a little more special for people all around the world.

Download the guide below and hit the share buttons on the left to share it with your friends and family!

Download the guide below and hit the share buttons on the bottom of the screen share it with your friends and family!


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