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Using Psychology to Improve Your Mental Wellness

It is believed that around 30% of adults suffer from anxiety and depression in the United States, but don’t seek help or even understand the feelings they are experiencing. The problem is, the topic of mental wellness is often avoided out of fear of judgement and a misunderstanding of the implications of being mentally unwell.

The Complexities of Mental Wellness

Fear and misunderstanding cause a stigma around being mentally unwell. The average person doesn’t know how to change it or how to take steps to better their lives. Entrepreneurial women can be especially triggered by being mentally unwell because of all the components in life they are trying to juggle.

Taking the First Steps

When we are ready to make change, we most likely wait for adversity to hit . . . for trauma to build, or for stress and anxiety to become debilitating before we seek help. When we desire to make a change and be healthy through wellness, we tend to sign up for simple things like fitness, yoga, coaching, meditation or therapy.

We need to remember that it is natural to need support and validation, even if it is as simple as a yoga class or time spent meditating. We need inspiration between life’s storms, or even when the sun is shining.

And remember: it’s okay to want extra support at any time in our life. Humans are complex beings and it’s expected that we may go through times in our life where we need extra support.

The Key to Mental Wellness

The key to mental wellness is to be consistently grounded so that when the time comes, we maintain wellness, which means practicing things like:

  • personal development
  • self-care
  • medical health
  • time management
  • spiritual development

When we practice these behaviors regularly, it eliminates the effects of urgency in crisis situations because we are then more prepared and grounded.

Juggling Roles as Entrepreneurial Women

As a woman, mother, sister, entrepreneur, wife, and spiritual woman, my roles are often blurred, my energy is lost and my patience is limited.

Juggling roles like these without a wellness plan in place can cause a breakdown (from mental to physical) that can contribute to things like autoimmune diseases, viruses and even a breakdown of overall health.

How Can We Take Steps to Transform Our Mental Wellness?

When difficult things happen in our lives, it may temporarily take us out of our normal state of mind. In order to maintain mental wellness, our time spent processing needs to be temporary so we can continue working on our journey to success.

While seeking balance throughout important components of our lives, we often lose sight of self care and “maintaining the brain”.

Tip: Transformation is a lifestyle change that begins in the mind.

Examples of changes beginning in the mind are things like deciding that you want to do something new, or starting a new routine and behavior pattern. This can change the trajectory of your life, career and family.

We hear this topic discussed, yet do we execute it like we should?

Next time you realize you need a lifestyle change, try to initiate a change in your mind like trying something out of the ordinary. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

What are your favourite steps to take to improve your mental wellness? Leave a comment below!

The 4 Components Needed to Improve Mental Wellness:

These components need to be maintained to make sure that mental wellness is not compromised and that we are living up to our full mental capacity:

  • Feeding the brain (knowledge, devotion, inspiration)
  • Resting the brain (relaxation)
  • Exercising the brain (professional and personal development)
  • Social development (interacting with others)

It’s also important to note that mental wellness is affected by things like:

  • Physical wellness
  • Environmental factors
  • Familial dynamics
  • Employment
  • Societal expectations

How to Start Improving Your Mental Wellness

Self-care is a concept that is often discussed yet rarely implemented. It is essential for us (entrepreneurs specifically) to learn to take care of ourselves first now, not after we are diagnosed with something that will lead to a separate wellness plan.

Transformation starts with a mentality to have a successful mind, body and spirit. To implement a transformation of your mental wellness, I recommend starting with a vision board, a journal, or some other way of recording your desires. This will help you reflect later on the success of change.

To set yourself up for mental success and happiness, learn from your past and enjoy your present as it comes, and always prepare for a successful future.

Do you have any specific tips on how to maintain a healthy mind, body or spirit?

Comment below and tell us your thoughts!



Anika Wilson • Nobody Greater LLC • Guest Blogger

Anika Woods-Wilson is a transformation and success coach focusing on the mental wellness and well-being of individuals in entrepreneurial journeys and in seasons that led to the need for healing. Transforming into who you are destined to be is more than an vision, it’s a lifestyle change. Anika is an expert and walks with you, using the secret tools to faster results.



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