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a brand strategy + design studio for ethical and visionary businesses.



By now, it’s safe to assume that you know what marketing is and how it can help your business. But branding is usually misunderstood.

I’m sure we all know that marketing can help connect you with your dream customers by getting your message out to the world, ultimately influencing your customer to purchase your service or product.

But the truth is, creating a powerful brand goes much further than just buying and selling. Having a strong brand can be the difference between a small business and a world-recognized brand like Starbucks or Apple.

How do you achieve this? With brand movements.

Brand movements require extra care, planning and strategy to achieve. A brand movement will evoke your dream customer’s emotions. It will affect their beliefs and culture. A brand movement will become their culture. If you want to be the next Apple, Nike, or Everlane, your goal should be to spark a brand movement.

Although virtually every agency out there knows marketing, not many focus on brand movements.

We do.



Imagine if you had a business that people were willing to line up for – no, to camp out for.

Imagine a business that had the power to influence change in the world.

Imagine a brand that stood for something important like wildlife conservation, environmental sustainability, and social justice.

Imagine a world where your business is number one.

We can guide you there.

we also offer marketing:

Jamie Kopp is our lead marketing strategist.

With a undergraduate degree in social science, Jamie brings psychology, social context and a deep understanding of human beings to every project.

Jamie has managed a non-profit organization in Vancouver, BC, before deciding to work with Cultura and her own business as a marketing strategist.

A message from Jamie:

Do you feel lost in the ever-increasing world of digital media? Do you find yourself asking questions like, “what should I focus on? What should I post? How do I know that I am actually getting my message out there? How can I make time for this?”

For the small business and overworked non-profits trying to meet the growing demand of community need, developing and sustaining a digital marketing strategy can feel overwhelming and often gets pushed to the bottom of the list! I know exactly how this goes.

I believe that there are so many important and worthy causes out there in the world that aren’t known about simply because there has been no strategy put in place to get the message out there!

I take pride in knowing that I am able to work with and support smaller businesses and non-profit organizations build a solid strategy for digital marketing and advocacy.

With tailored skills in marketing and years in the non-profit sector, I am flexible and professional with my top priority being your goals are reached at a rate that is reasonable and affordable.


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