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How To Balance Life With Entrepreneurship & Find Your Soul Purpose

How To Balance Life With Entrepreneurship & Find Your Soul Purpose

No matter what we see on social media, no one has a perfect life. We all want to believe that everyone else is living their #bestlife while we are stuck, wallowing in our misery.

You know what they say: life is what we make it.

Lately, I’ve been dabbling in manifestation, the law of attraction and ancient spirituality as a sort of eat, pray, love life-change. Throughout this journey, I’ve found that we really do have the power to change our lives.

Ahh, the age-old cliche.

If you have gone through hard times recently, you might be rolling your eyes at this point and screaming,

“Screw you, Erin! You don’t know what I’ve been through!”

Well, you’re right. I don’t know your personal story, but I do know mine.

My Story:

As with any human being or living creature on this earth, I have experienced trauma and loss.

I have watched family members develop cancer and friends and family become addicted to cocaine, heroin, and methamfetamine.

I have lived as a low-income family and I have many friends that are struggling to make ends meet.

As a child (and even as an adult) I’ve searched through my kitchen with my stomach rumbling, wondering how I’m going to make it through the week without any food. I’ve survived abusive relationships and situations where I could have easily died.

We all personally know someone that has suffered from insomnia, mental illness, anxiety, health problems, or any other combination of life’s obstacles.

The Cold Hard Truth:

There is no guarantee that life is going to be good to us.

But we do have one guarantee — and that is in ourselves. We really do have the power to turn any situation into a good one, and it all starts within your mind.

As “woo” as that sounds, just hear me out.

You know those nights when you’re screaming into the pillow so hard that your throat closes up, or you’re crying so hard that your eyes are swollen shut?

Whenever I am in those low, low points in life, I have always found positivity by taking time to grieve and wallow, and then by making HUGE goals. I mean goals that seem totally far-fetched but are super inspiring.

As a kid, my goal was to be an archaeologist just like Indiana Jones or a paleontologist like Allen Grant. As I got older, my next dream was to be an animator for Disney. I started applying for colleges and jobs that I was TOTALLY not qualified for, and eventually enrolled in a university that I couldn’t afford, but I made it work somehow.

I lived the “poor college kid” lifestyle for many, many years.

Once I realized that working for Disney was off the table (for the time being, who knows what the future holds), I made a goal to launch the next Bell Media.

I don’t even really know what that means, but I even went around telling people that I was going to have this big, media corporation. I switched my focus in university from anthropology to graphic design, and now I’m a straight-up, full-time founder and CEO.


My point is — I always made a goal that excited me to my very core, even if I knew it might not have been totally achievable at the time. But by making these gigantic dreams for ourselves, it pushes us to do better.

You’d be surprised what can happen when you push yourself to be your best.

How To Find What You Love (AKA Your Soul Purpose):

It’s also important to find activities that you really love doing.

If you have no idea what you love doing, think back to your best memories as a kid. What did they include?

Were you running around with a fake gun made from a paper towel roll, hiding behind doorways and pretending to be a CIA spy? (Oh, I forgot to mention that I also wanted to be a spy).

Maybe your happiest memories include fishing down at the local stream or watching Star Wars. Maybe your fondest memory is eating pizza and playing cards with the grown-ups. Maybe it’s camping, or exploring, or reading, or flying a kite.

All of these things can tell you something about who you are and who you were born to be. These are hints about your soul purpose.

Take your fondest memories, and ask yourself what about those situations made you happy?

Example: When I would pretend to be a spy, I was really satisfying an interest that I had in being someone important with secret information. I wanted to be irreplaceable, and I wanted to do something that REALLY mattered.

It does take some soul-searching, but once you figure out why you love doing certain activities, I promise your life will drastically improve.

Crush Your Goals with a Side Hustle:

Giving yourself purpose from week to week can improve your productivity and help you achieve these big goals.

If you have a set goal in mind, you can then create a roadmap on how to get there. Start doing activities each week that will propel you closer to your big goal.

If you want to travel to Italy, start taking a side-hustle opportunity twice a month. Use any of those profits to go right into your Italy fund.

You could also pick up a virtual assistant position if you’re good with organization and writing. You could walk dogs if you’re active. You could drive people around on Uber. You could sell items on Craigslist. You could become a brand ambassador. You could clean houses.

It would only take once or twice a month to be able to save a little bit of income here and there. If you have a child, you could probably find childcare just once a month. If not, then find a side hustle where you don’t need to have childcare.

If your obstacle is that you’re too busy, you’ll need to make time otherwise you will never achieve your dreams. Ditch anything else that isn’t necessary in life and pick it back up when life slows down again.

Once you are able to complete your smaller tasks that will lead up to your big goal, you’ll start to feel a sense of accomplishment.

This feeling of positivity, self-love and accomplishment can help you overcome life’s big obstacles by creating a positive place in your mind.

Side Note: Have you read Amanda Lindhout’s memoir, A House In The Sky?

Amanda talks about creating a place in her mind that she calls the house in the sky. She fabricates a place in her mind where she can escape to while she is being held captive and tortured by Somali pirates (HIGHLY recommend this read).

This is an extreme example, but it backs up my point.

If you can create a sense of positivity and a mindset where you can go to feel comfort, you can achieve happiness.


Did you find these tips helpful?

What other tips do you have on balancing life with entrepreneurship? Leave a comment below!

The New Facebook Community That Will Grow Your Ethical Business

The New Facebook Community That Will Grow Your Ethical Business

The Soulful and Ethical Entrepreneur Society

(The SEE Society)

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The SEE Society is the perfect opportunity to pitch yourself and connect with other people that care about the same things you do.

We will also have fun giveaways and prizes that include hand-selected, sustainable products and services from other members of the group. This is an excellent way to promote your business, make longlasting friendships and entrepreneurial connections that will supercharge your growth.

Business strategies will also be discussed so we can all post our achievements and share how we were able to accomplish them. The more successful people in the group are — the more likely everyone is to participate and become loyal customers.

Join the SEE Society to Grow Your Business

Soulful and passionate entrepreneurs should join the SEE Society if they are ready to engage and grow their business — but also become a loyal fan to other businesses.

A business doesn’t need a million fans to be successful — you only need your loyal following.

Your tribe is in this group. Your ideal customers are in this group. This is the place for you to share your ideas and grow your brand loyalty.

About The Host

My name is Erin Blondeau and I’m a brand strategist from Vancouver Island, BC.

I am a huge nerd — when I’m not working, you’ll probably find me listening to true crime podcasts while I grocery shop, rapping along with 2pac in my car or shopping at thrift stores.

At my core, I am an entrepreneur that has always been drawn to emotional topics surrounding social impact, culture and the planet. I’ve always felt a need to dive deep into the more challenging concepts in life — it’s my deepest desire to make a change, no matter how big or small.

I decided to launch Cultura Brand Studio with this desire in mind. I want to help amazing entrepreneurs get their mission out to the world and find success while doing so.

Prizes and Giveaways

There will be prizes and giveaways to engaged members of the SEE Society. The purpose of this is to give people in the group a chance to try products from other soulful, sustainable and ethical businesses inside the group.

We want to encourage growth, and what better way than to get your products in the hands of your dream customers?

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Rules of the Soulful + Ethical Entrepreneur Society

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*self-promotion will be allowed on a trial basis. I will allow self-promotion as long as you are putting thought into it and doing it to serve the group. Explain to us WHY we can use your service or product — explain how it is going to make a difference for us.

Please don’t be spammy — just be real and authentic.

Do You Qualify to Join?

If you’ve read through the criteria and you think you’d be a good fit for the group, I’d love to have you there! All you have to do is request to join the FB community (make sure you answer the questions) and I’ll review your answers and your profile.

Once you’re in, we can all work on networking and growing our businesses!

See you in the group

6 Challenges I Faced While Launching My Business

6 Challenges I Faced While Launching My Business

6 Challenges I Faced While Launching My Business

I’m going to be truthful with you and share some of my vulnerabilities today.


Throughout my recent journey into building a business, I’ve had many ups and downs. It sounds cliché, but it’s true.

I’ve recently developed a new mission in life: I want to live authentically and be true to myself.

I want to be who I am and share my thoughts without being afraid of failure or judgement. I hope that if you are launching a business (or thinking about launching one), you might benefit from my personal experiences and the strategies I’ve found to overcome the challenges that came my way, which is what compelled me to share them with you today.

Let’s get real: I obviously came across more (oh, many more!) than six challenges in the process of launching my business, but after reflecting on it, I think they all really come down to these six main setbacks:

  1. creative block
  2. feeling inadequate
  3. overwhelm
  4. loss of words
  5. needing to hire help
  6. every-day challenges

Can you relate? If you’re currently in the process of launching your own business, you might be going through one of these right now. Below, you’ll find my strategies for coping and keeping your eyes on your goal, without driving yourself nuts in the process.

• • •

I have spent the last few months battling each day with contrary emotions like doubt and perseverance, apprehension and excitement, fatigue and inspiration. Most days though, what really gets me is the dreaded creative block.

Hell, I even have creative block as I’m writing this to you right now. But I won’t let that stop me.

All right, ready to dive into the six challenges I faced while launching my business? Let’s do this.

• • •

01: Launching a Business With Creative Block

Creative block strikes when I’m in front of a computer. My mind goes blank and I can’t figure out the first word to type ( or second, or third…). The voice in my ear is whispering that I’m not good enough, that no one will want to read what I write, and that I should just give up already. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.

But guess what? I’m not going to give up. Because even if no one reads this, at least I did it for myself and showed that little whispering voice who’s boss – and so can you.

Today, I listened to Amy Porterfield’s recent podcast episode (#217: Why You Aren’t Taking Action with Brooke Castillo) in which she featured life coach Brooke Castillo. Brooke shared a puzzling idea: we should aim for “B-minus” content.

Um, what the?

B-minus? How can that be right, when we hold ourselves (and our business) to a much higher standard? Well, it doesn’t mean we’re going to produce “B” quality services or products. It means that for our own content and marketing, we should aim for finished, not perfect.

That’s why I am sitting here, writing a post for you even though I know it won’t be perfect. But regardless of perfection, the result is I am getting my message out to you and the world to read. And that beats perfect any day.

Brooke said it best herself: “B-minus work can change people’s lives. Work that you don’t produce at all, does nothing in the world.”

With Brooke’s words in mind, I can push through my creative block – and so can you.
If you have any boss tips on dealing with creative block, we want to hear! Please share with us in the comments.

Below, we’re diving into business launch challenge #2…

02: The Imposter Syndrome

Throughout my business launch, I’ve had many days where I feel like I’m not good enough, strong enough, you-name-it enough for entrepreneurship. In case you haven’t heard the term before, it’s known as “imposter syndrome”.

I hear the doubt in my own head, and I hear it come out of my friends’ mouths, too.
“I’m not good enough.”
“There are people out there that know way more than I do”.

First, you ARE good enough. Second, I’m sure there are people that know more than you. But they are not you. They can’t offer the same things that you can, because you are a unique, strong person with your own entrepreneurial superpower.

You just have to figure out how you can offer that superpower to your customers. You are worthy. You can do it. Stop watching the competition because that’s only going to impede your progress.

Researching your competition has its time and place, but not during every second of your journey. When you are creating content, or even just trying to get your business off the ground, focus on yourself and what YOU have to offer.

How do you deal with imposter syndrome? Got any tips to share? Please tell us in the comments.

Now, onto setback #3 (if you’re a mom like me, I know you’ll relate to this one).

03: The Intense Overwhelm

I’ve also had days when overwhelm has struck me in the side of the head. Days when my chest is weighed down, and my breathing feels restricted from the pressure.

Overwhelm has been a big one for me, in my personal journey toward launching a successful business. Overwhelm rears its ugly head when I think about all the different stages of launching a business (there’s a lot!). Even on good days, it’s overwhelming trying to launch a business with a 9-month old, a dog, and a home to run.

But I will not let that overwhelm overtake me. I am strong; I will persevere because my ultimate goals are so worth it, and I know yours are too. If I can manage to take a step back from my work and just find time to breathe, the overwhelm starts to subside. Getting outside in the fresh air for a quick walk can also help snap me back into reality.

What do you do to fight overwhelm? Got any self-care practice that works like a charm, every time? We want to hear about it! Please share in the comments.

Moving onto challenge #4.

04: Putting Feelings Into Words

How can I put my feelings into words?

This little speedbump gets me every time.

It often feels as though I have lost my voice, and that I’m not sure how to channel it again. Even though I love writing and used to journal as a teenager, it’s still a challenge for me. Every. Time.

So, how the heck do I get over this? Here’s how: I write. I write even if it’s garbage, and even if it doesn’t make sense.

You should try it — write even if you don’t know how to spell. Better yet, purposely write bad stuff (more on this below). Once you get all of your ideas out on paper (or the computer), you can go back and gently craft your language to make it say exactly what you want it to. That’s called editing, but before you can edit, you need to write it down in the first place.

Which leads me to my next point.

05: Knowing When to Hire Help

If you’re not so great at grammar or writing, and you’re letting that stop you from launching your dream business, here’s a revolutionary thought: hire help. You can hire someone to assist you with anything that you are not efficient at. If your time is money, you are wasting money spending too much time on something that you could be outsourcing.

The key to having a profitable business is to automate everything you can, so you stop trading your time for dollars. Remember that time is not renewable. We will never get our time back, so we should start thinking of strategies to help keep our time to ourselves.

If you have the means, spend money outsourcing your administrative tasks to a virtual assistant. You can also outsource your writing, editing, marketing, design, and even your cleaning!

Personally, I don’t want to wake up forty years from now and look back at my twenties to realize I spent every waking moment doing chore, after chore, after chore.

What do you outsource to help power you through your business launch? Share with us in the comments.

Finally, here’s the last setback I wanted to talk about today.

06: Working Through the Challenges

Like every human on this planet, I have things on my mind most days. Some stuff is hard. . . Really hard. Life’s challenges can easily get in the way of the tasks I should be doing, like running a business and being a good mom.

I’ve found that in order to work through these challenging thoughts and situations, I need to take some time to myself. I need to spend time on my own.

Keep in mind though, my alone time is never really alone time (ha! What’s that again?). I have a dog and a baby, so these two sidekicks are always by my side. But I strive to find those few moments when my son is quietly playing by himself, and my dog is asleep at my feet… That’s when I can really dive into my thoughts and be present with myself.

I think as humans (and especially women, am I right?), we tend to forget about ourselves. We forget that we are people. We lose our concept of self and abstain from treating ourselves the way we should.

Think about it this way: if someone close to us was troubled, their sadness and hardships would probably become our own. We would, presumably, ask them what is wrong and how we can help. We’d probably listen to that person and give them our love.

Why don’t we do that for ourselves, too?

Try This: Create Bad Stuff On Purpose

Earlier I mentioned creating bad things on purpose. Isn’t that counter-productive?

Well, it may sound like it, but just hear me out. Someone gave me this advice recently on a Facebook post, and once I tried it, my productivity shifted and improved wildly

Purposely creating bad stuff takes away the pressure to be perfect, and all of a sudden, the creative block starts to lift.

Just knowing that your only goal is to produce bad or mediocre material. . . that makes it easier, doesn’t it?

Have you tried creating bad stuff on purpose? I’d love to hear how it helped you – please share with us in the comments!

My Mission

I don’t know if any of my ramblings have made an impact on you. I don’t know if it will affect you as much as it has affected me while writing it. But regardless of the outcome, I will relentlessly work toward my mission and the goals that I have set for myself; I want to share my truth and live authentically, and in-turn I want to work with people that are like-minded.

It’s common to attempt perfection while living in the age of social media, but I think there is value in sharing real, authentic moments like these. Someone may find value in my story when they see that life isn’t always perfect.

• • •

If this post has helped you in any way, I’d love to hear it. Please leave a comment below or send me a message.


Erin Blondeau • Graphic Designer

I’m obsessed with anthropoids, the 1960’s, and anything true crime (SSDGM). I’ve been a graphic designer for five years; I studied graphic design, communications, and anthropology (my FAVOURITE subject) at Vancouver Island University and Camosun College. My true passion lies not just in design but in humanity. I love all aspects of human nature, from evolution, to pop culture, to history.

Who is Cultura Brand Studio?

Who is Cultura Brand Studio?

Click to download our FREE brand strategy brainstorming guide:
Ideas to Ponder for Your Brand Strategy.

Who is Cultura?

Well, after months of hard work and 13-hour days, I am thrilled to say that Cultura Brand Studio has finally launched. We are now offering you top-notch services and education so you can be a successful multi-talented entrepreneur and live the life you’ve always dreamed.

If you’re wondering who’s writing to you right now, my name is Erin Blondeau. I started Cultura Brand Studio with a vision to develop in-depth brands for entrepreneurs and passionate people just like you. We are located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia but work with clients all across the world.

What we do

Our branding process goes much further than designing just a logo. Many of you might not even understand what a logo or brand is (there is just SO much to know!) — that’s why we are devoted to educating you on the importance of branding. We want to give you a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of marketing and design.


Our goals

It is our goal to make sure you are well-equipped to run your business PROPERLY. We aren’t in business to design something for you as a one-off, throw it in our portfolio and call it a day. We are here to guide you through your journey. We are here to give you the tools you need to succeed.

We want to create brands that are profitable and authentic. We aren’t interested in creating businesses that are shallow or businesses that don’t solve a problem in their ideal buyer’s life. We want to help entrepreneurs create a successful business, so they can spend less time on work and more time doing what they love.

Life is a gift. We need to treasure it.


We care about things like:

  • Giving you top-notch, professionally designed logos
  • Designing a brand that doesn’t follow trends and will stand out from the crowd
  • Helping you develop goals so you can find clarity, increase profits and live your dreams
  • Being transparent throughout our project together so you’re not left wondering what’s going on
  • Providing excellent service and support for fellow entrepreneurs
  • Making high-end design services available to you, no matter what your financial situation is (we can offer payment plans)

We are here to bring your vision to life and to help your ideal customer find you. We want your customers to realize the value of your service or product because if you are successful, then so are we.

Send me (Erin) a message today, and take the first step toward your branding journey. Let’s do it!

• • •

PS: What’s with the name Cultura? Cultura is Spanish for culture; if you know me on a personal level, you know that I have an obsession with anthropology and all-things related to being human. Ever since I was 8 and brought an archaeologist’s field guide to school, I’ve held a fascination for it in my heart.

Culture is an important thing to keep in mind when designing and developing brands. Just because we perceive something in a certain way, does not mean that your neighbour will. Psychology, marketing, anthropology and trends throughout history are just a few of the concepts that I visit when designing. But don’t worry, I won’t bore you with those details now. If you want to know more, please reach out and ask. I’d love to chat with you.

As a thank you for visiting our very first blog post, please download a FREE brand strategy brainstorming guide, Ideas to Ponder for Your Brand Strategy.

All my best,


Owner & Brand Designer


email us: // follow us: @culturabrandstudio

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